Real Estate Property

One of the reasons that we founded the Law Offices of Roger Naghash is because we wanted to make sure that real estate owners obtained fair and affordable legal representation. Attorney Roger E. Naghash was a real estate developer before he became an attorney, and he and his team of real estate attorneys have combined their years of real estate and legal experience to provide you with a wealth of superior real estate and law-related services.

Our real estate property services include—but are not limited to:

Real Estate Consulting/Litigation: Attorney and licensed realtor Roger E. Naghash leads a team of real estate attorneys that can provide you with consulting services regarding your real estate matter, including the areas of buying, leasing, selling, and development.

Defect Litigation: If there is a defect that has occurred during the planning, design, inspection, or construction of your home or building, you have a right to certain legal remedies.

Real Estate Sales and Purchases: Whether you are buying or selling a home, a larger kind of property, or a piece of land, retaining the services of a law office that is experienced in real estate and real estate law can help your sale go smoothly. You'll also need an attorney to make sure that the very important legal documents attached to your sale are drafted correctly.

Negotiation and Drafting Lease and Rental Agreements: If you are a landlord, it is important that you have a leasing or rental agreement. This necessary paperwork can prevent future disputes and address key issues pertaining to your agreement. Our attorneys can sit down with you to help formalize your agreements and protect your rights.

Construction Litigation: We represent clients in construction litigation, arbitration, and mediation, including the creation, enforcement, and defense of mechanic's liens, stop notices, and construction bond claims.

Landlord and Tenant Matters: Whether you are a tenant who has been wrongfully evicted by your landlord or you are a landlord whose tenant has destroyed your property or is not paying rent, our attorneys are experienced at successfully handling both sides of landlord-tenant disputes.

Homeowners' Association Dispute Resolution and Litigation: From owners' disputes to collection matters to arbitration proceedings, our attorneys have the tools and experience to represent you and your case.

Real Property, Title Disputes, and Litigation: The Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash has represented developers, lenders, buyers, sellers, surveyors, brokers, and anyone else who may be involved in a real estate dispute. Breach of contract claims, foreclosures, lender liability, and fraud and forgery claims are among the many issues that we have successfully handled for our clients.

Property Boundaries, Disputes, and Litigation: As a property owner, you are entitled to certain legal rights. We have successfully worked with clients to resolve boundary disputes, easement claims, zoning and land use ordinances, as well as other property-related matters.

At the Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash, we are aware that there may be more than one legal remedy available to you in your real estate matter, and together, we will explore your options. While we promise to provide you with the best advice possible, ultimately, we are empowering you to make your own decision and we will abide by whatever you decide.

We represent real estate clients throughout the state of California, including people and businesses in the cities of Sun Valley, Irvine, Newport Beach, San Clemente, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, Westminster, Santa Rosa, and Sacramento in the counties of Sacramento County, Orange County, Sonoma County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.

Your first consultation with us is free, and during that time together, we will come up with a plan for you. Call us today at 949-955-1000 or send us an email.