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Bitcoin is a type of payment system with unusual properties that allow increased anonymity and rapid digital payment. It is used in a variety of lawful contracts and purchases, but it is also used in some illegal transactions. Since this area of law is still evolving, it is important to understand how the use of digital currency may affect you. For detailed guidance on this complex topic, consult Bitcoin attorney Roger E. Naghash. Based in Orange County, Mr. Naghash represents clients throughout California and across the United States.

Contract Litigation Involving Bitcoin

Sometimes the payment terms of a digital currency transaction can lead to contract disputes. There may be added nuances to the usual questions of who needs to receive payment, how payment should be received, and when it should arrive. These are all problems that can be amplified by Bitcoin’s anonymity, as well as the timing and volatility of virtual currency markets.

Breach of contract cases involving Bitcoin transactions may involve allegations of fraud by one party against the other. Often, one party will want to negotiate an amendment to the agreement that might salvage it as a legally enforceable document. It can be vital to consult a knowledgeable lawyer to assist in interpreting these agreements so that you can better understand your options. An attorney also can help you negotiate settlements in Bitcoin transaction disputes or draft contracts designed to help avoid these situations in the future.

Complying with Government Regulations on Virtual Currency

When using virtual currencies, it can be difficult to follow the complex government regulations surrounding the area. Bitcoin and similar currencies are subject to tax burdens, national security regulations, and also regulations pertaining to privacy and anonymity issues.

Issues that arise with regard to regulatory compliance may include the transaction reporting requirements set forth by the U.S. Treasury Department and other law enforcement agencies. This is where an experienced lawyer can help you unravel the nature and extent of your Bitcoin-related tax burden. Professional legal guidance also may play a key role in helping you anticipate and forestall any complications that may emerge in this rapidly changing area of law.

Fight Criminal Charges Related to Bitcoin Use

Unfortunately, digital currencies can be used for illegal purposes because of their anonymity. Some of the most common criminal charges to involve Bitcoin are drug offenses and illegal weapons transfers. If you are facing a potential prosecution, it is important to have a clear understanding of the block chain ledger and the nature of Bitcoin transactions. This is best gained from a discussion with an experience lawyer.

You have many tools potentially at your disposal if you are fighting criminal charges related to virtual currency. An attorney can help you try to suppress certain types of evidence that may have been obtained in violation of constitutional protections. Remember that the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. If key evidence is thrown out, the charges may be dropped, or the case may be dismissed. Also, you may find yourself in a better position during the plea bargaining process if your lawyer has helped you undermine the prosecution’s case in advance.

Knowledgeable California Financial Services Attorney

If you require legal assistance involving a dispute, a criminal charge, or a regulatory issue related to virtual currency, you need an attorney who understands the special issues involved. Serving clients in California and nationwide, energetic Bitcoin lawyer Roger E. Naghash has the background and knowledge to help you find solutions to your legal issue. He can be reached at (949) 955-1000 or through the contact form on our site.