Securities Fraud Litigation: Plaintiffs

At the Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash, we consider it our responsibility to help investors and shareholders that are victims of securities fraud. There are a number of remedies in several areas of law that may be available to you, and we will use our skills, experience, and resources to help you obtain the best results for your case.

Our securities fraud attorneys represent clients from all over California, including clients from Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Westminster, Anaheim, Sun Valley, San Clemente, Santa Rosa, Sacramento, and elsewhere in Riverside County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Rosa County, San Diego County, and San Bernardino County.

What is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud, also known as investment fraud, is a wrongful action committed by an individual or entity for the purpose of manipulating the stock market. Every year, many American investors end up losing tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars when they become the victims of securities fraud because of the fraudulent conduct of stockbrokers, company shareholders, investors, or others.

Anyone involved in the investment business must abide by a number of acts, as well as federal and state laws.

Examples of Securities Fraud:

  • A company's director, officer, or another insider misrepresents, distorts, conceals, or withholds pertinent stock-related information that could affected an investor's decision.
  • An entity or individual, given confidential stock information in an unlawful manner, takes steps to use this information to receive certain benefits.
  • A company official discloses confidential stock information that is NOT available to the general public to an entity or individual.

The SEC, private investors, and a number of government agencies are free to pursue legal action if they believe that securities fraud was committed. Investors and stockbrokers can file a civil case if they feel that their rights were violated because of securities fraud.

Civil Actions

The Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash is committed to protecting the rights of investors and shareholders. If you are the victim of securities fraud, our attorneys can file a complaint to help you recover the money that you lost and ensure that the matter is reported to the SEC, NASD, and any other government agencies.

At the Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash, we are not afraid to go up against large investment firms, and we will aggressively litigate your case to help you obtain the best legal remedies possible. Your first consultation with us is free.

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