International Law - Import and Export

The Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash represents clients who need legal representation and advice in the areas of International Law and Import and Export Trade. Our international law attorneys are familiar with the substantive and procedural laws that govern the dealings and relations between countries, and we can help you collect on a judgment or a claim in another country. We can also represent you in arbitration and litigation cases in courts and tribunals throughout the United States and abroad. We offer legal consulting services in the event that you would like to ensure that you are in compliance with all laws pertaining to your import/export activities, contracts, and agreements.

Many of our clients are individuals and businesses from Irvine, Sun Valley, San Clemente, Newport Beach, Westminster, Mission Viejo, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa. We also represent clients from other cities within Sonoma County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Sacramento County, San Bernardino County, and throughout California.

Our law firm offers a number of legal services and remedies pertaining to international law, including:

Import/Export: As the U.S. government and other countries create additional criminal liability pertaining to regulations, tariff and non-tariff barriers, subsidies, and dumping, it has become very important for our clients involved in international trade to be represented by a law firm that is qualified and experienced in dealing with international commercial law matters.

As part of our services, we can:

  • Secure and provide structured import transactions to avoid trade barriers and minimize duties.
  • Represent customs brokers and importers who need to appear before the U.S. Customs regarding matters of classification, valuation, visas, penalties, seizures and forfeitures, and licensing.
  • Represent shippers by making sure that export transactions are in compliance with the US Court of International Trade and other Federal, State, and Administrative Courts.
  • Draft and negotiate international contracts for our clients, including agreements involving distribution, licensing, and international property rights.
  • Appear with our clients before the International Trade Commission, the U.S. Trade Representative, and the International Trade Administration.

Enforcement of Contractual Rights Within the U.S. and Abroad: If a contract violation related to international trade has occurred, either in the U.S. or abroad, you will need an attorney who is experienced in international law and in contract law who can take the legal steps necessary to enforce your contract and protect your rights. If necessary, the Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash will go abroad and argue before a foreign court to pursue the other party and take legal action for you.

Legal Representation Before the US Customs and Homeland Security:
If you are prosecuted for trying to illegally bring into or export products from the United States, you may have to appear before the U.S. Customs and Homeland Security. Our international law attorneys are here to defend you against any allegations and make sure that you obtain top quality legal representation before these governing bodies. The Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash can represent you before the appropriate commission, tribunal, or governmental body and defend you in court against criminal charges.

At the Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash, we have the tools and experience that enable us to offer you more than one legal remedy pertaining to your international law issue, including remedies in the areas of consumer law, intellectual property law, criminal law, and business litigation.

To schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our international law attorneys, call the Law Offices of Roger E. Naghash at our Newport Beach office at (949) 955-1000 or contact us online.